Our Vision

"Tread the unforeseen territory and enable India to be an entertainment powerhouse"

Media and Entertainment (M&E) market has huge potential for growth. In certain areas, for instance Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered virtual reality space or cloud-based streaming on phones, it is hard to envisage that potential. For eminent sectors, it is about time to create value and reap the benefits. It is our hope that we will be able to harness the potential in the M&E market in the next few years and construct a roadmap to tread the unchartered territory.

Our Mission

"With over a billion consumers, India offers massive opportunity in the M&E segment"

Following the vision of our founding members, we have laid out a strategic plan to seize the upside of growth in the M&E market in India. We plan to tap new audiences, scale up the business, and master competitive positioning. While generating shareholder’s wealth is vital, creating employment opportunities is equally significant. A major part of our goal is to facilitate job creation in fantasy gaming industry. In the long run, our users will be able to make a living while getting entertained.

Board of Directors


Deb Mukherjee

Founder, Director, & CEO

Deb Mukherjee is a veteran in the financial world in India. He has witnessed all the ups and downs in the Indian financial markets for the past two decades.In 2013, Deb pioneered the Discount Brokerage model in India and created a brand name, ‘Wisdom Capital’, in the financial services industry. Wisdom Capital has become a leading capital market services provider company in India with a strong client base, offering multiple trading models on the different trading platforms.

In the recent past, Deb has commissioned a couple of business ventures; Wisgames11 is one outcome of his efforts. He currently chairs the Wisdom Group which is an umbrella entity for various group companies including Wisdom Capital (Financial Markets), Wisdom Tree Ventures (IT), Wisdom CRM (Enterprise Software), and Insurance web aggregation (Wisdom Policy).

In 2020, Deb was awarded ‘India’s Inspirational Leader’ at a conclave organized by White Page International at Mumbai. Deb and Wisdom Group have been mentioned in the media on several occasions: The Economic Times ran a story when Wisdom Capital disbursed double salaries amid lockdown, Business World published an article about how Wisdom Tree Ventures is geared up to provide Impetus To 100 Start-Ups with an aim tocreate substantial job opportunities, VCCiRCLE mentioned about Wisdom Group’s new acquisition, The Week wrote about the launch of a proprietary software product (Wisdom CRM), and Business Standard reported the successful launch of Wishgames11. Most recently, the Wisdom Capital bagged ‘Best Brand Award’ at the Uttar Pradesh Brand Leadership Awards 2021 organised by World Marketing Congress.


Bharat Bansal

Founder & Director

Bharat Bansal is a successful entrepreneur with a career span of over 17 years in various industries. Bharat Bansal founded Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2009. In the past, Bharat Bansal has founded a number of successfully running companies including Ashlar Education Consultants Private Limited (education industry), Ashlar Investment Experts Private Limited (financial services), A J S Infrastructure Private Limited (real estate), Earth Genesis Private Limited (metals), Arpit Trading Private Limited (trading), Ashlar Tours & Travels Private Limited (Tourism), and Ashlar Commodities Private Limited (commodities trading). Ashlar Group of Companies, an umbrella organization which runs publications business, metal trading, and capital markets, has clocked substantial year-on-year revenues in a matter of few years. Bharat Bansal specializes in forming successful partnerships and is known in the industry for his business excellence initiatives.

Bharat Bansal has been instrumental in shaping business strategies and providing motivational support at Wishgames11. His vision and optimistic outlook act as a guiding force for all the employees in the group companies. He isequally concerned about the underprivileged people and has set up a non-profit organisation (SERVE (Street Family’s Empowerment Through Reducing Vulnerable Environment)) to address their concerns. SERVE works very closely with local authorities and runs social development campaigns (Medicine donation, skill development etc.) in order to cater to the issues related to the underprivileged section of the society.